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Ice Cream Franchise

Ice Cream Parlors

serving delectable sundae

Diet Kitchen Franchise

Diet Kitchens

serving healthy salads and smoothies

Food Joint Franchise

Food Joint

a compact express delivery setup

Cafe Franchise


with appetizing aroma of pasta and sandwiches

Bakery Franchise


sweet smelling, perfect for people with a sweet tooth

Bar Franchise

Lounge Bar

a buzzy place with soothing live music or a loud dance number

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    Restaurant Franchise

    Punjabi By Nature

    Established in 1998, a trusted name when it comes to an authentic North Indian fine dining experience - finest ingredients, fresh herbs and an elegant ambience and decor

    Bakery Franchise

    221B Baker Street

    221B Baker Street is a quick service, first-of-its kind English bakery, offering pastries, cakes, brownies and a wide variety of Bakery and Confectionery items

    Cloud Kitchen in India

    Butter Singh

    Successfully running Cloud Kitchen concept, serving authentic & delicious Mughlai Cuisine delicacies prepared in fresh & finest ingredients by highly trained chefs

    Cafe Franchise in India

    Flake Bake

    A multi-cuisine café located in Delhi, with their pocket friendly menu having something for nearly everyone – a range of dim sums, nachos, salads, pastas, pizzas, oriental appetizers and main course

    Fast Food Joint Franchise

    The Burger Company

    Burgers for everyone made with Chinese spices, Mexican Herbs, Tandoori Indian Flavors and of course, love.

    Frozen Bottle Shakes Parlor Franchise

    Frozen Bottle

    Trendiest Milkshake Brand with over 50 outlets PAN India, with signature Thick Shakes, Frozen Desserts and unique Ice Cream Jars

    Mr Crust Bakers

    Mr. Crust Bakers

    Wide array of products specializing in chocolates, customized gifting, cakes, desserts and cookies

    Health Food Franchise

    Leaf n' Loaf

    Ending junk with fresh and tasty salads, enriching and delicious meals, and thick and yummy smoothies

    Waffle Franchise In delhi

    The Waffle Co.

    Extremely popular Waffle Brand amongst youngsters for having exotic varieties of Waffles, Thick Shakes, Yoghurts & Mini Pancakes

    Hashtag Foods Fast Food Joint Franchise

    Hashtag Foods

    Light on the pockets, offering delicious sandwiches, pasta, pizza and yummy shakes, with more than 9 outlets PAN India

    Kake Di Hatti Casual Dine In Restaurant

    Kake Di Hatti

    Established in 1942, with a legacy of over 7 decades, world famous for its authentic North Indian signature dishes and legendary Naans

    Cafe Franchise

    Xero Degrees

    Cute ambience with light music for millennials, famous for its unique "in a jar" pasta, pizza, fries and tempting thick shakes

    Brew Room

    The Brew Room

    Award winning cafe offering finest crafted specialty coffees, sandwiches, fitness breakfast, tarts, sorbets and much more



    Serving more than 55 varieties of rolls - Fusion Rolls, King Rolls, along with make you own meal packages and quick bites as well

    Dessert Parlor Franchise


    A first of its kind - offering innovative handcrafted ice cream swirls, first to introduce Black Soft Serve Ice Cream with unique presentation



    Biggest range of vegan delicacies, with ice pops and gelatos made from 100% natural ingredient



    A traditional vegetarian Thali restaurant, offering Rajasthani cuisine in the form of unlimited serving Thali



    Successfully established Cloud Kitchen concept of Delhi NCR, offering authentic North Indian and Mughlai cuisine

    Mokart Chillikart

    Mokart | Chillikart

    Serving over 120 variations of Momos and complete Chinese cuisine, with compact kitchen model under low investment



    Specializing in signature Mughlai dishes, offering delicious, mouth watering tikkas, kebabs, rolls through a Cloud Kitchen concept



    A legacy of over 6 decades, a well renowned brand of India, more than 50 flavours of Ice Cream, heavenly Sundaes and delicious Faludas


    One of the fastest growing burger joints in India, with menu ranging from Gourmet Grilled Burgers to all time favourite Pastas

    Restaurant Franchise in India

    DS Dosa Factory

    A South Indian restaurant that serves authentic South Indian delicacies, mouth-watering North Indian dishes, desserts and beverages on their extensive menu

    Bakery Franchise

    Honey & Dough

    Bakery that has crafted the classics - the Belgian chocolates, desserts from France, Burgers from America, salads from Greece - sure to take you on a luscious cruise

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